Our company provides a full range of services in the field of High-end renovation NYC, construction, and maintenance of the real estate. Many years of successful work experience allows us to implement the most ambitious and innovative projects.

In the conditions of fierce competition, we understand how important it is now that the service and quality of work meet not only NYC but also international standards. That is why we provide clients with daily reports on the work done in real-time and help with the solution of all legal and organizational issues. Turning to our company, you can be sure that your project will be implemented according to the contract and on time.
Excellent renovation NY is the key to comfort in your home. If you choose good materials and carry out all the work efficiently, in compliance with technology, then the appearance of a house or apartment will please you for a single year. If you need Interior renovations NYC https://grandeurhillsgroup.com/, our specialists will realize any of your wishes with high quality and in the shortest possible time.
We regularly report to our clients for each stage of work, we can justify the use of any material from the estimate, we are able to provide certificates for the material. At any time, you can find out how high-end renovation is progressing in your apartment, cottage, townhouse, office space. No secrets.

1. My contractor asked for a 33% deposit—is this normal Providing deposits for contractors is a crucial—and normal—step in starting a renovation.
2. Can I ask my contractor for a revised estimate? Yes, revised estimates are possible, but be ready to compromise and collaborate.
3. What are the costs that go into gutting a home? Demolition, amount of work, a home’s condition, and alternate living arrangements all affect gut renovation costs.
4. When do I need an architect? From stamping approvals to full service, the role (and cost) of architectural services.
5. What is Competitive Bidding? Competitive bidding means inviting three to five general contractors to submit an estimate, or bid, for your remodeling project.
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Experience has taught me that it is worth choosing contractors based on experience, quality of work, customer reviews and all necessary licenses. We select contractors for your project based on your location, budget, and experience. Therefore, until now we remain the best construction company in New York.


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